How high motion plastics are used in commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles, such as telescopic loaders and dumper trucks, must cope with the harsh everyday life of moisture, risk of corrosion and often inappropriate handling. igus makes this possible with its energy chains, chainflex cables, linear systems and polymer plain bearings that are characterised by their long-term functional reliability, particularly in failure-prone areas. They are cost-effective, maintenance-free and do not require additional lubrication.

In this week’s video, we see how igus products are making a big difference to drivers and operators of commercial vehicles. igus e-chains are used for all types of moving equipment; a typical example is on a telescopic crane. Dirt and wear-resistant plain bearings are used at the pivot points on dumper trucks. These tribopolymer materials can withstand loads of up to 200MPa. Even in rain, snow and heat, they prove to be extremely robust and guarantee very long operating times. Within the cab, custom products for the driver’s seat are helping to improve comfort and flexibility.

More than 20,000 customers worldwide place their trust in polymer solutions tested under realistic conditions at the igus test facility. If a part cannot be found in the comprehensive standard products catalogue, custom parts are also available in short lead-times.