How igus puts drylin through its paces

In the dry-tech test lab in Cologne, Germany, igus puts its’ self-lubricating drylin linear plain bearings, linear axes and lead screw modules through their paces.

In this week’s video, we see the many tests being carried out in order to develop new products and to assess customer applications. With over 700 test points, it is easy to see how igus can complete more than 10,000 tests per year – 250 of which are testing new compounds.

It is estimated that around 1,000 customer tests are completed every year. The tests are used to determine the tribological properties of different material combinations by means of wear and friction tests. In addition, assemblies are tested for their function, service life, strength and failure scenarios.

All test results are stored in a database and incorporated into the drylin service life calculator.