How retraction systems keep control of your cables

In this week’s video, igus demonstrates two manual cable pull-out and retraction systems – e tract and e spool manual. As a result, trip hazards and damage due to improper coiling of the cable are avoided. Typical applications for these two systems include use on control panels, tools system feeds for assembly conveyors and work tables, and electric charging stations.

e tract is suitable for use in applications where a mobile terminal device is connected to a cable that has previously only been coiled up by hand. Long extension lengths of up to 10m are possible in a small installation space. The constant retraction force ensures smooth winding and unwinding of the cable, and the automatic locking mechanism holds the cable securely at a user-defined length. After use, the locking mechanism is released and the cable retracts into the e-tract enclosure automatically.

Alternatively, the e-spool manual system dispenses with a slip ring by using a conical energy chain – called twisterband – that enables a continuous end-to-end connection of the cable. e spool manual is fitted with a spring-loaded manual pull-out system for extensions up to 5m and also features a locking mechanism.