How to manage cables and hoses at great heights

In this week’s video, we see the new igus extra-long e-spool cable management system being put through its paces. With a slip-ring-free cable drum, the compact system can safely guide power, audio, bus and fibre optic cables and even hoses together in one system. Now the e-spool is available for travel lengths of up to 21 metres with either spring- or motor-driven retraction options.

The compact cable management system is an alternative to the classic cable drum but with one major difference – it dispenses with need for an expensive slip ring, which limits the management to one cable. The system is a combination of two different cable management systems - standard e-chain, which is guided by a deflection pulley, always ensures the correct length and tension of the system with an integrated return spring. An igus twisterband manages the rotary cable movement and ensures an unbroken end-to-end connection for all cables and hoses.