How to create animatronics with robolink D

We start this week’s video with a T-Rex that looks as if it is smiling, just about to say, “Boo!” However, if we were to strip away the skeletal pieces, underneath are modular parts from motion plastics specialist igus. The main body of the dinosaur is a robolink D articulated arm made with self-lubricating joints incorporating a gearbox with tribopolymer gear wheels and PRT tribopolymer round tables.

The dexterous system can be fitted with any type of gripper depending on required application. From simple pick and place jobs or two arms working in unison to lift an awkward, yet delicate, piece of artwork.

Control and operation of the robotic arm is easy thanks to the help of software and components from a third-party supplier, Commonplace Robotics GmbH, or via a simple joystick interface.