How to install a drylin SHT proximity switch easily

In this week’s video, we take you through the simple steps of installing a proximity switch on the drylin SHT series of leadscrew linear robots.

For all designs, the switch holder can be positioned freely along the entire length of the axis – simply position the holder, tighten the two screws and attach the proximity sensor. Providing added flexibility, the sensor can be attached to either side of the holder. For drylin SHT linear robots already in service, easy retrofit is also possible.

With igus, designers can configure their own linear robot using the standard online drylin SHT tool. A wide range of stroke lengths is available, as well as drive options. Depending on the customer's requirements, the drive pin can also be provided with pins, grooves or key surfaces. Engineers can quickly configure and order a virtually custom assembly for delivery, ready for installation.