New reasons to change your metal bearings to iglidur bearings

For more than 35 years, igus plastic bearings have been a technically and economically advantageous alternative to metallic plain bearings. Improved by precise additions of reinforcements and solid lubricants, they are suitable for applications and requirements of all sorts, reduce maintenance work and allow for technical improvements.

In this video, Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director at igus, gives further reasons why engineers should change from metal PTFE-backed bearings to iglidur bearings in food processing systems and equipment for the beverage and packaging industries. The new metal detectable K230 plastic material is not only dry-running and maintenance free, it is FDA-compliant and in line with EU Directive 10/2011.

Compared to other iglidur materials, K230 is characterised by considerably lower moisture absorption and higher resistance to media and temperature extremes, while simultaneously displaying improved friction and wear behaviour.