Clever plastics for any bearing application with iglidur

This video explores the versatility of iglidur plastic plain bearings from industrial tribo-polymer specialist, igus - delivering high performance across the widest range of applications and industries.

iglidur polymer plain bearings offer versatile, low cost, lubrication and maintenance-free operation across the broadest range of industries and applications, including automotive, aerospace, food and packaging, agriculture and construction. iglidur plastic bearings are clean and dry-running, eliminating dirt and debris build-up, as well as lightweight and low-wear – with all iglidur materials extensively tested in the igus test lab in Cologne, the industry’s largest facility for testing plastic plain bearings.

This is why igus can always offer a solution, even for demanding applications with high loads or those requiring resistance to extreme temperatures, UV rays or chemicals. Furthermore, using iglidur plain bearings in your application can reduce costs and at the same time increase service life.