On your bike with igus

In this week’s video, we take a ride on the igus bike. In terms of weight, it stands out on its own, integrating 25 iglidur bearings – everywhere from the front suspension and shock absorbers, to the saddle, pedals and derailleurs.

iglidur plain bearings are already used in many different bikes from a broad cross-section of manufacturers. They defy shocks and impacts and are more resistant than metallic bearings - especially in extreme environmental conditions. Thus dirt, temperature, detergents and humidity are no longer a challenge. Due to the elimination of external lubricants and the maintenance often associated with them, the amount of care and repair needed is minimised.

Predominately 4 types of iglidur tribopolymer materials are used – the all-rounder iglidur G, which is smooth running, durable and insensitive to dust and dirt. iglidur J is wear resistant. iglidur J3 is particularly well-suited for pivoting and pulsating loads, while iglidur J4 is great for stopping general creaking and squeaking on the bike.