What is the value of the cloud and what can the cloud do for your business?


Vijay Kodukula
Senior Cloud Advocacy Manager - Dassault Systèmes

This webinar will be on Dassault Systemes SaaS solutions covering cross brand and cross industry with some real customer testimonials and demos covering four Industries and many brands. This webinar would benefit all sizes of customers from beginners to well established companies.

This webinar emphasises on the power of cloud and how its an enabler for remote working, business continuity, Single source of the truth, Collaboration and many more.

Topics to be covered are: Transportation and Mobility: Cloud Values Demos and Testimonials – Canoo/Renault LCI/Light Year/QEV Technologies. Aerospace & Defence: Cloud Values Demos and Testimonials – Eviation Aircraft/Vertical Aerospace. Construction, Cities & Territories: Cloud Value Demos and Testimonials – Zaha Hadid Architects/CadMakers/Bouygues Construction. Industrial Equipment : Cloud Values Demos and Testimonials – Globe Trailers