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welsh gov, labour MPs want to remain in the EU. as far as we know. quite a lot of ...

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BREXIT. Whether you're discussing it at home, in the office or in the pub, you'll have heard all sorts of claims, facts, views and opinions. So what's yours? We want to hear from YOU, our engineering readership - those that are as passionate as we are about industry and innovation. So take a few minutes to leave a short comment starting with IN or OUT, and then explain why...

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So the EU want to take the UK to court over failing to observe freedom of movement in the transition period, one remainer is going on about all the important work Europeans do for this country what they put in. Well he does not mention what they take out does he all the Robbing, Thieving,Murdering,Raping,Fraud etc they commit, i say kick all of them with one or more sentence in jail sentence back to where they came from once and for all, they are the Dregs of Britain.
Sturgeon get of your high horse we voted you in to sort out Scotland not to stay in the EU so go ahead and have another independence vote and commit political suicide. The people of Scotland are sick of going the the local supermarket and thinking they are in the middle of Eastern Europe.
What flipping joke !!!!! Labour should won by landside I think it' s a fix !!?! probably paid off aload people to vote old Boris , he's a joke do people really understand the real issues and conquest of this vote !!! Makes me so angry while aload unable to vote , think should be a investigation into this vote because everyone I know we're voting labor or independent party so something not taliling up !!!!?
last push Brexit must force over infrastructure, building hospitals, house building using prefabricated modules as starter homes. big rise in pay on mini wage. stop sending money abroad to pay for the minimum wage rises. only three days to get a strong message over,
I think that the Brexit party are not clear enough on everyday things such as the failed infra structure, building many more hospitals, cutting crime, upping the national basic wage to much higher than the other parties. scrap high speed rail in favour of above existing railways and roads maglev. at the moment all that jumps out from Brexit party is Brexit, it is not enough
welsh gov, labour MPs want to remain in the EU. as far as we know.
quite a lot of welsh people voted to leave ,, they feel they have been let down,,
they voted to leave. we shall see what happens at the next election.,
we could lose a lot of labour MPs I have voted labour all my life.. please try to sort it out
It's surprising to me how arrogant MP's are across all parties in the House of Commons. Most MP's appear to think that we have a Parliamentary Democracy that trumps the 2016 Referendum. To be honest the writing was on the wall when John Redwood said that the referendum was only a recommendation from the electorate and that Article 50 need not actually be invoked. Of course Article 50 was invoked but it has never been the intention of the vast majority of MP's across parties to allow Brexit to happen. The Liberal Democrats stand for revoking Article 50. How strange that the Liberals have the word Democratic in their name. The Labour party appear to recognise that democracy is threatened by not acting on the 2016 decision by the people, but they are that arrogant their real intention is to delay Brexit for as long as possible in order to allow the electorate to change it's lunatic mind. The Conservative party are split between those that would revoke Article 50 and those that would crash the country out with the maximum impact to get Brexit done. All parties have their MP's that hide behind, 'No Brexit without a Deal'. For many these are clear code words for No Brexit at all since it appears to me that Parliament are unlikely to ever agree on any deal no matter what the content is. Although I am a Remainer, my wife is a Leaver, mirroring the near 50/50 split in society. Unfortunately there is no such even split in Parliament, The vast majority of MP's are for Remain with a much smaller group of MP's actually wanting Brexit. This is why Brexit is still not done. In my opinion the Remain element including myself lost the referendum, but among the arrogant self serving MP's is the school of thought that Parliament is Democracy itself and this allows Remainers in Parliament to carry on the fight to Remain for the minority. Remainers among MP's are currently winning the on going war to thwart the Will of the People and change the peoples 'Collective Lunatic Mind'. It is my opinion that Brexit in any form will be pretty disastrous for the country, But I also believe that Democracy is more important and precious to us, even more precious than avoiding a decade or more of self imposed recession by delaying Brexit until Remainig in the European Union is possible. It is my opinion we should have done Brexit by whatever means necessary long ago and the Deal situation although desirable is actually a mechanism to create a smoke screen, change peoples opinion and thwart the Democratic Will of the People. The saying We did not vote for No Deal is a saying used to change the mind of the Leave Vote and uttered by those that mean to impose their own so called Democratic view on Leavers. Instead we should remind ourselves that we did not vote Leave with a Deal either. It seems unlikely that Boris Johnsons maverick tactics will work but for the sake of the people and their 'Will to Live', lets hope Boris is successful. But failing some stroke of genius by Boris, the decision of what happens next appears to be coming back to the British people in the near future in the form of a General Election, either before or more likely during another short extension reluctantly secured by Boris. Boris appears to want the election because arrogantly he thinks he has enough popular support. He thinks that the vote will be a formality because of the backlash of the electorate to the activities of Parliament. But why would we just feed his Arrogance and his self serving, 'Democracy when Democracy suits' attitude? Boris is just another arrogant Tory leader of arrogant Tory MP's who can't form a majority government without the support of the People in the form of an election. So All Bets Are Off. We the British people no longer want to keep fighting until the so called Democratic Remainers eventually win. This is our opportunity to tell all serving MP's that it is no longer acceptable for them to arrogantly soldier on with their so called Parliamentary Democracy. We are the people and Democracy serves us and in order for MP's to understand this we must attempt to ensure that every current serving MP loses their seat. Even though I am a Remainer and I think Brexit will be tough for us all in the short term, I think that Democracy is more important to us than reversing or ignoring the public decision. The 2016 vote must be implemented to fulfil the Democratic requirement of the people and save Democracy for the future of Britain and its generations yet to come, if we don't then MP's will never implement anything distasteful that the People have voted for. MP's will always be able to delay and ignore any Democratic decision made by the majority of the People. In my opinion the strategy for the people who care about our Democracy, be they Leavers or Remainers like myself, should be to remove all current serving MP's from power by voting in the following way: In areas where the 2016 vote was for Leave, vote for the Brexit party to replace the current MP with a Brexit Party MP. In areas where the 2016 vote was for Remain, vote for the party that came second last time to remove the existing MP. Hopefully if those of us that care about Democracy join together and vote in this way at the next election, the current so called Democratic Parliamentary Members will realise that it is not Parliamentary Democracy that Trumps the will of the people, but the will of the people that allows Members of Parliament to serve Democratically obeying the Will of the people. Ultimately it would be the Democratic Will of the People that Trumps the Non-Democratic Will of the House of Commons. This should have been recognised by all MP's after the 2016 Vote. It needs to be in our constution for All MP's to work together across parties to implement the Democratic will of the people following any sort of Referendum. Without this, what sort of Democracy do we actually have? It seems to me that we do not have a Democracy at all. I challenge everyone to grab back power for the people and protect our Democracy from those that think that they are Democracy. To protect Democracy from those that think the Democracy of MP's outweighs the Democracy of the People.
Leave- I've seen the devastation brought on us by the closure of 1000 years shipbuilding in the north east, the 10 year ban on the industry, while continental marine construction thrives, the ban on sales of proven homeopathic alternative remedies, the subsidies of 'Bullfighting from out subscription and food mountains milk lakes in EU while the worlds poors scrape in the dirt for crumbs.-All you remainers why have you lost all faith in Britain-read the book of revelations which warned us not to join the common market--Bless you all
Going into negotiations stating that you need a deal or have past a bill of law stating that you must have a deal is wrong. The deal you get will not be in your favour.
If you say you would like a deal but are prepared to walk away if you don't have a decent compromise. The chances of a better deal will increase.
This situation is making a mockery of the UK.
How many times did our last PM say NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL
So if the deal we have is a bad deal .....THEN ....NO DEAL
When the public voted to leave the EU they wanted to go in that month so why do you want deals of people that takes money from England many year's ago we was a nation that ruled. England as so many mines and steal that can be worked with the people that's out of work that you are paying stop fighting against each other and start building Britain to glory
OUT ment OUT, now the minority are holding the UNITED KINGDOM back. AND with a P.M. who voted to remain in charge of leaving, fox and hen house?. IT is about time the MAJORITY made its voice herd loud & clear. THE minority have been on the streets of every town & city of the UNITED KINGDOM pushing there agenda with the media in tow. BEFORE it becomes to late & parliament puts two fingers up to the MAJORITY of the voters, let PARLIAMENT hear the PEOPLES VOICE TELL THEM LEAVE THE E.U. BY THE END OF MARCH OR FIND A NEW JOB. DONT let the tail wag the LION.
If we do have another referendum and the result is still the same, the public vote once again to leave, should we then just leave, no deal & just get on with it or will we once again letting the MP’s decide how we leave, they didn’t listen to the voters the first time why would we trust them again
OUT: I originally voted to remain but after the attitude of Europe towards Britain and the disgusting antics in our Parliament, and the total disregard to the democratic vote of the British Public, I have totally changed my mind. We are more than capable of standing on our own two feet. Obviously there will be some hardship to begin with but who hasn't dealt with hardship in their life? We will survive. For goodness sake get rid of the negativity.
after hearing the news about a second referendum i was very angry ! why give us the vote and then back track on it ? , the vote should stand to leave , also the country needs to stand tall and if that means to leave without a deal so be it ! do not let the EU dictate what we can or can't do , i feel our governments are to week or to scared to put there foot down for the best of this country ! NO SECOND REFERENDUM SHOULD TAKE ! we voted to leave so we should leave .
OUT. Just get on with it good deal or no deal..
worst thing for the country would be a hard left Labour government, second worst would be a second referendum, too divisive and no gain, if remain win then leave will be up in arms so to speak, if leave wins then we would be back to where we are now. The answer lies with our politicians, it is there job to find a way through this, its what we pay them for. To find sensible solutions to difficult issues like Brexit, if they think that they can duck the issue and hand the decision back to the public then it would be dereliction of duty, they may as well clear their desks. It is time for MP's to put the country and its people first and forget self serving.

If there is another vote on Brexit an act of parliament would have to be in place before a vote could take place . Great Britain would cease to be a democratic country as we now know it Today, In fact if the minority did not like there way the vote has gone they would be entitled to another vote and that could go on an on .Just think if Comrade Corbyn ever came to power and the minority do not like him and his red army politics we can call for another vote . Austerity well to be honest with you it did not really effect me had to pull the belt in a notch or too, I did not get a pay rise for over ten years or more, The only people were those at the top of life's pile who shouted the loudest were rewarded for there efforts, The same captains of industry that are shouting doom and gloom about Brexit nothing changes ! its the poor that get the blame every time. My advise two fingers Agincourt style held proudly aloft with the tune British Grenadier and men of Harlech played loudly as we march away from those corrupted country's referred to as the EEC
I voted to leave - I cannot understand why everyone is so surprised a deal cannot be reached the referendum came about after David Cameron was unable to secure four minor concessions from the EU A no deal brexit is inevitable and the money saved from the divorce settlement can be used to support any costs UK businesses may incur once we are out . I voted leave because I want the UK to be able to control its laws, money and borders in the best interest of our citizens. I want the money we pour into the EU to be used in the UK on the NHS, social and affordable housing,education, social care, improving air quality, improved flood defences and the many other issues that need to be properly funded. It is not fair that our tax payers are expected to pay huge amounts of money into the EU budget - we are one of the four out of twenty eight countries that keeps the EU financially afloat the other twenty four countries pay in far less than they take out. Our countries infrastructure- health service, schools, social housing is at braking point due to the free movement of EU citizens and the lack of investment to accommodate this population growth. I am not anti immigration, immigration has helped make the UK the wonderful place it is but it needs to be controlled and properly funded . It worries me that in our supposedly democratic country so many of our elected MPs seem to want to totally disregard the result of the referendum and the wishes of the people and are determined to do whatever to keep us in the EU.
We should have a vote on whether too have a vote on another referendum to remain,this would be the most democratic solution to all the dissenters of democracy.
If the Irish border question is so important, why was our PM allocated 10 minutes at midnight to put her case forward?
Is it because the European leaders were too engrossed in filling their faces at yet another lavish do?
No doubt payed for mainly by our contributions!
Its about time we stopped pussy footing around and TELL them what the deal is going to be (bearing in mind the European Commsion cant even decide what HQ to stay base themselves permanently in), and if they dont like it, we simply tax like for like on reciprocal trade.
Sure there will be delays, costs, agravation. But we are an Island and survived quite well before we joined their club.
The situation regarding Brexit seems quite clear to me: the PM, ministers and others keep informing us that “British public voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU”. But in fact only just over _half_did so, and then on the basis of lies and false information, and they certainly were not in full possession of the facts and problems inherent in leaving.
They also keep referring, and refusing, a ‘Second Referendum’, but what the public deserves and wants is a vote on whether they are satisfied with and accept the terms with which they are presented when we reach the deadline.
Simple as that!
What I find most concerning, whether you voted remain or leave, is how the UK drifted into a new form of government without any consultation. We are now faced with a situation that some would argue we cannot get out of ever. How can this be democratic ?
Gordon brown is nothing but a liar,him and tony blair put us into this Eu without giving us a say in it,Gordon brown as been won of the worst prime minesters in this world it shows you what these remainers are,they lia and cheat behind our backs,get us into the eu and you can have the last 6 months of my presidenacy,there the worst liars,not the red bus
Brexit Referendum I voted to leave and the main reasons for my vote was that I am of the firm belief that within the next 20 years or so, the EU as a body will no longer exist, because of increased nationalism in the northern countries and because most of the southern counties in the EU being almost bankrupt it is an unsustainable organisation. By leaving now we would have a head start on the rest of the EU with regards to building a new economy and because I believe that head start would be in the best interest of the present and future generations. I am now of the firm belief that because everyone is better informed on what is involved in brexit and once we know the outcome of the UK EU negotiations we should have a second referendum. The terms of reference should be. No 1 To stay the EU under the same terms and condition or with whatever extra benefits or or less favourable terms negotiated before the vote No 2 to leave with no deal and then start fresh negotiations on a level playing field. No 3 accept the settlement being negotiated now once we have the results. I am a pensioner and am of the opinion that pensioners like me who are not in employment and do not live in another EU country will not be affected no matter what the outcome of a second referendum and therefore should not be included in the voting proses
The people of this country has voted to go out, the government which we voted in, should do for the people what they are asked to do, not to argue , you were put into power by the people, you should respect that and get on with it, put the money we save into N.H.S , POLICE, ETC,ETC, Lets make this country our own, the government need to get a back bone and not be puppets for other countries.
Look at the comments of the leaders / officials of country's we have always helped and supported irrespective of cost (financial, political, personal) freely given.It is appalling, we should just walk away and leave them to it,any outstanding bills from either side should then be used to strengthen EU borders with UK and UK Overseas Territories.
I was all for Brexit. Now it really scares me. Not for the sake of Brexit, but the negotiators on our side. They are sad, pathetic, incompetent pond life. So much so I am considering changing my view and swinging behind the remainers.
Out - I wanted to be a European and wanted someone to say why staying in the EU would be good but all I heard was threats. It's still going on they have no intention of negotiating we look like idiots accepting their terms and timetable. Start telling them not asking.
just read a few views on us leaving the EU glad to hear from people with common sense asking why we voted this way we should have never joined cost us way to much and not just in money the strangle hold of the EU is not helping in any way at all . we are LEAVING stop fighting like 3 year olds and get your act into gear hard work never killed any one look at the long view we will be better off and I guarantee we will not be the last to leave only 27 countries left IN THE EU and 195 countries in the world to deal with come on Briton wake up smell the rose's greed and hand out's is not us I voted from the MPs who are killing the country with the childish games and helping us leave with a good result If they do not like it there is 27 countries to live in HA.
I am surprised to hear of the response of the rest of the EU to Brexit. Surely even they (the remaining EU leaders) must see that their first response should have been ‘why did the people of the UK vote to leave’ and then to analyse the EU system and processes to see how these concerns could be addressed. Instead their attitude is reported to be aggressive and venomous as if the people’s decision is either a slur on their ability to rule effectively or in some way spoils their party, which makes one wonder why they are so peeved. My immediate thought is that somehow or other they stand to lose a great deal personally. Maybe their personal gains have been affected, after all they are only politicians and like a lot of senior politicians they have great personal ambition.
Then we must ask ‘why are they so afraid that Brexit might cause an epidemic and other member states leave’ surely this should tell them that something is seriously wrong if they have such little confidence in their system.
Finally we have to ask why have the European countries that Britain fought so hard for and saved from Nazzi rule, have turned their backs on us simply because we have executed the will of the British people. To me this does not bode well for the freedom of choice and democracy professed by the EU and what it might turn into in the future. Maybe something in the form of the old (and in some ways current) USSR, a closed Bloc with no real opportunity to escape its clutches.
With all this in mind I now feel that we, the British people have done the right thing and should be glad to get out of the EU.
In a true democracy the votes on Brexit by younger people who will have to live longest with the fallout of leaving the EU would have carried more weight than that of older voters.
How many people have actually looked at what the EU does and is set up.
28 democratically elected heads of state agree and endorse strategy. The four pillars of the EU clearly set out where Governments have agreed to agree and disagree ie where they can protect and promote national interests.

The failure the past years is that democratically elected representatives at a national level have not had the intelligence/balls to clearly inform the electorate the way forward. Governments are never perfect but the alternative - popularism/chaos is always worse. Ignorance is bliss. A sad time for open trade, democracy and peace. The pitchfork populas has prevailed - soon to be led by a buffoon.
Winston Churchill would be turning in his grave by now. Europe is nothing like what it should have turned out to be, it's attempted to go to far too soon, and has ended up with egg on it's face. But, that's not the sole problem for the UK. Immigration has always been an issue - it's just now a bit more exaggerated and becoming a tinder box within the UK. What's needed is taking a step back. If the UK votes to Leave Europe, then the ball is clearly placed in Europe's Court to negotiate an alternative which may, actually, be to the benefit of other member states considering quietly the same action. If on the other hand, the UK votes to stay, then the rest of Europe will be left wondering how long this'll last until the next vote comes up.... the UK will have to seriously sell out to Europe as a consequence and show it's committed - perhaps by ditching the Royal Family - bringing it inline with France & Germany...
Out - It seems to me that most people don't understand where the EU is going, if you need an example look at Eurovision, as the number of countries increased, the voting became more political and biased, until the voting system failed to be respected. As with Eurovision we will be out numbered, yes we have veto's but for how long and would our government use them? Considering that David Cameron is refusing to say he would veto Turkey entering the union I would say very unlikely. If we stay we are accepting political union and loss of control of our own laws, financial union and loss of the GB£ will be come inevitable. This is because, as the number of countries who have recently joined for-fill their commitment to full union, GB will be out numbered and have no choice but to be overrun by the EU monster driven by the aspirations of the old eastern block countries. David Cameron is saying we will never be able to get back into the EU once we have left but this is a lie, its just that we would have to negotiate a new position first. But why would we? answer - forget world trade, forget world influence, we have these already, after the vote for exit we will have independence, we will not give this up again.
Out-The EU has become far too big to have any meaningful and true economic value.
It's full of bureaucratic nonsense .
In the 21st century trading is done on a global basis. There is life outside of Europe.
And being outside allows better border control
The EU has become far too large to be of any economic value. It is not possible to establish or evolve economic synergies between or with countries which have vastly diverse ranges of wealth .
In the 21st century the UK is with out doubt more than capable of going it alone.
Border control is of course the number one issue with the majority of voters
IN - the EU is run inefficiently, but every nation breaking off and trying to go at it alone, is not the solution.
Out - The People of the UK never voted for political union with the mainland European Countries.
If we stay in now then all hope is lost, political and financial union will happen.
Nobody asked us what we wanted when the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992 and if we stay in nobody is going to ask us if we want full Political and Financial Union... it will just happen!
IN - This whole discussion is a farce and not fact lead - actually there are no agreed facts and numbers - so by definition there cannot be a fruitful discussion. This discussion has been going on for 40 years no with no result. I would like to take the half baked membership one step further: not an immediate divorce - but a 5 year break - then sum up what has happened, how much has been paid in addition, then go back into the family of Europe and decide then not now - last minute buses running around trying to educate the voters - as said a farce and probably mostly party internals - what of this is really FOR the British people?
OUT - The EU is NOT a democratic organisation. 12 people, who are not voted in, decide what all the countries in the EU will do and how they will do it. Cameron says he has secured special terms for the UK if we stay in; these are non-binding and probably won't be enacted anyway. When it is not enacted, or retracted, what is the UK going to do about it? There is nothing that can be done.
Germany and France want a Superstate - no idea why - because all other superstates have failed throughout history and there is no reason to believe this one would do any better. The only way mass international unification can work is by cooperation. The 'unifying' body is only a platform for collection and dissemination of information and forum for discussions and dispute resolution. The EU is nothing like this!
As a nation, we have survived and prospered alone in the past. We can do it again.
Obama threatens that it will take 10 years for a trade agreement to be formed alone - RUBBISH! Who cares anyway? We already trade with America and I cannot see them stopping any time soon, it would not be in their interests. Remember, America is the country that made us pay back the War Debt while they rebuilt Germany so it could become the World power it is today, while they left us to languish and stripped much of our technology away for their benefit - They really are not our 'friends'! Besides this, America is not the only place in the world to trade with, there are many other places and the value of their markets is far greater. Get out and get the UK great again!
The EU needs us more than we need them! Think of all the money that is sucked out of the UK into the EU coffers, that produces no material value to us, staying here and working directly on our issues - not some other countries issues - this all said - we also need to have a really good clean out of our Government too! There is a huge lack of integrity that really is not helpful!
To say an exit from the EU will cause instability with potential conflict is clearly ludicrous. Seriously, who is going to physically attack the UK? Other than ISIS. NATO is the protective force, which is independent of the EU. At this point, the remaining EU countries are very unlikely to attack and the other countries like Russia, China or anywhere else would still have a big fight on their hands and are unlikely to attempt such a thing. Sure, China would benefit, it will make their efforts to take control of the world using finance and industrial production easier, but they will achieve that irrespective of the UK being in or out of the EU.
As for compliance with EU rules for imports, every country in the world who sells into the EU has to conform with these rules - some from the other side of the world manage to do so with the added disadvantage of very long supply lines and the associated costs.
Why the UK would listen to any country not in the EU about their biased opinions about if the UK should stay in or not is ridiculous. It is none of their business for one and they have less understanding of our affairs than we do - they only want to serve their own interests, not ours. The UK is a large market and compliance with EU directives gives them access to this market. If the UK is out - with or without Scotland - they would have to comply with our rules. Their fear is that our rules would be tougher than the EU rules. As for Scotland - let them go their own way if they wish. If they flop, they will come back. If they succeed, we have a wealthy neighbour that will raise the value of the neighbourhood! There is nothing much to lose either way really. I would think there would still be strong cooperation between the two 'countries' because of convenience.
Bringing poor countries on the fringe of Europe into the EU is just a drag on the other member countries finances for no meaningful value. Giving Turkish people free access to EU will be a major problem - if you think Syrian refugees are a problem now, wait the Turks arrive in large numbers! I have nothing against the Turkish people - it would not matter what nationality it was that flooded in - it could be Ukrainians or anybody else. The problem is the number of people flooding in causing massive strain on every system within the member countries. Being out of the EU would make it easier to keep most of them out of our systems - though not entirely. I would have thought we had learned the lessons of this from the past, but it appears we haven't!
Sir Winston Churchill supported the ‘welding’ of West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg into ‘an organic whole’, which he described as a "happy outcome" of the European Economic Community. Churchill added: "We might well play a great part in these developments to the profit of not only ourselves, but of our European friends also." And in 1963, just two years before he died, Churchill wrote, “The future of Europe if Britain were to be excluded is black indeed.”
So Churchill saw Britain was more valuable to the “Common Market” than the converse and supported being in it as long as Britain was able to profit from the venture in a “the whole is more than the sum of the parts” scenario, but this is not the case now. The cost of being in the EU is crippling the UK and the benefits are marginal compared to this cost. The EU is drowning and the majority of the members are dragging down the three largest members – and they will drown too if they do not get firm control of the panicking majority.
We will probably wield more influence out of the EU than we currently do in it. Many of the ‘rules’ are designed to constrain us and how we can act. Without those constraints, we can go ahead and look after our own interests and in the process, influence the behaviour of the EU. Without the UK, the EU may survive, but it may well not prosper. We do not need to be a part of the EU to lend our support when the situation calls for it and it will be easier for us to do this in a controlled and sustainable manner from outside.
OUT - no-one knows with any certainty what the future holds, neither the Bremainers nor the Brexiteers (and certainly not the politicians nor the Treasury, who cannot predict a year in advance with any certainty), but at least if we reclaim our sovereignty as a nation then we can start to redress the democratic deficit and take control of and responsibility for our own affairs.
The difficulties of trading outside the EU are exaggerated, many countries do business with other countries without specific inter-country trade deals. And we have NATO to thank for peace in Europe, not the EU. I look forward to a future in an independent United Kingdom, we have little to lose and a great deal to gain by coming OUT.
(My company is a manufacturer of electronic equipment, 100% of which is exported to to a distribution centre in the EU and from there to the rest of the world, less than 15% remaining in the EU.)
OUT - The EU is a joke, and an expensive one. I run a small company involved in electronic development and small-scale manufacture. I made the error of getting involved in an EU - subsidised project involving partners in Germany, Italy, Greece and Ireland. Although ultimately successful from a technical point of view, financially it was a disaster, and it was mostly due to the endless hoops specified by the EU. I believe nobody involved actually made any money out of the fiasco. EU? - phew!!
I have just read the post Paul "if the EU was so great why are......" maybe you want to re-read and re-post???
IN - The EU is a £12 trillion economy with 500 million people (consumers). We have free trade and easy access to this market and free trade or customs union with many other countries (including Turkey). Anyone exporting knows the importance of this. If you supply to customers who export you should also think carefully. Being out could not possibly be better for export trade, maybe in the longer term we could negotiate similar terms but that far from certain. For me personally you only need to look at the politicians, economist, businesses etc who are in the 2 campaigns to decide who you trust. I'm with the vast majority of business people being in is best for business and being in = influence.
OUT... Best thing we can do, sick to death of the Europeans telling us how to run our country. If Europe was so great how come all the migrants want to come here? We originally signed up for the EEC (European Economic Community), that is what we all voted for , not to be run by them but to have open trade borders. That can still exist, but without the control from Brussels. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take back control of our own future, lets not waste it! Vote OUT!
OUT - A European Free Trade area is one thing, what we have now is quite another. We will always be in a minority, we elect our Government, sadly our Government has little clout. For evidence of this, go back a month or two. Cameron went of to Brussels with a whole raft of demands, to lay down the law about EU reform; in fact, before he went, he stood and said 'If this process does not produce substantial reform of the EU, British voters would be entirely justified in voting to leave' - or words to that effect. He came back with effectively nothing, despite apparently fighting tooth and nail for a fortnight, even with the threat of Brexit as ammunition. If that's not a perfect illustration of what is wrong, then I don't know what is. Wake up, people!
OUT - If the EU were solely about trade I'd be in. However, the 'ever closer political union' WILL NOT WORK. 300 years after England and Scotland joined into a politcal union, the most recent Scottish independence referendum showed nearly a 50% split, and that the SNP have 56 out of 59 MP's in the UK parliament. The Scots and English are very close, yet the current UK political union isn't working. Look at the significance of Plaid Cymru in Wales, where it is over 700 years since political union was achieved. People value their identity. We haven't even mentioned the failure of Napoleon and Hitler to unify Europe, nor the collapse of the Habsburb dynasty. The 'Troubles'?. I know of no large scale political union that has attempted to unify such disparate cultures as those found across Europe and that has worked. If the EU political project is not stopped, it will lead to the sort of bloodshed that it was originally hoped it would stop!
As for trade, if people want to do business, they will continue to do so. EU or no EU. The two are separate.
IN - I run an SME electronic business. It is so easy trading with the EU. Common rules and regulations (EMC, Wireless standards etc). goods can be sent back and forth eg for repair with no customs paperwork. Try and do the same with Switzerland or Norway. It is much easier than USA. We need to remain part of the club, to work with our neighbours so that we can support each other. Look at history and what happens when states are at war as Europe has been for countless centuries. As for Democracy, ours is bust when less than 30% of the electorate elect a government which then deems it can do as it pleases on the strength f its manifesto. Where is majority rule in that?
OUT. The EU should simply be a collective of friendly trading nations, with cultural, business and sporting exchange. Not the undemocratic, over complicated, failing superstate that it is. The EU has not balanced it's books or been able to audit accounts for almost 20 years! I fail to understand the ambitions of some leaders to grow the EU in dangerous directions. Britain is VERY GOOD at what it does, with a worldwide reputation for excellence in many sectors, including engineering. We also have the huge benefit of our language becoming the international language of business. Brexit will lead to an initial rough ride but since when did our nation turn away from the big tasks for the greater good? We are not looking to fall out with our European friends, just change the platform from which we trade.
400 years from his death Shakespeare might have put it like this:-
To be in, or not to be in: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous intervention,
Or to take arms against a sea of bureaucrats,
And by opposing end their meddling? Brexit, independence;
No more; and by independence to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand Euro edicts
That we are subject to, ’tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d. To exit, to trade;
To trade: perchance to flourish: ay, there’s the rub;
For in that independence, what trade may come
Out - I wrote a long screed as to why but lost it and don't have the patience to start again but simply I don't like the United States of Europe, the IN Campaign are relying on fear to keep us in and the out on freedom from external interference. I go for the latter.
IN: I voted to be in the EEC in the 70's and supported the transformation into the EU. I see no good reason to be leaving and find that the best arguments from the exit campaigns seem to focus on migration, a situation that will get worse with Brexit.
We have not given up our own sovereignty by being a member but bound ours with those of other countries. There has been peace in Europe for a very long time. I don't want that to end. We get a great deal of economic benefit from being members of the EU, from trade and research funding, and even though its rules are not perfect (what is) we will be better able to change those rules from within.
OUT - Have wanted out for years. We have had to stop selling that, EU law. I want to be governed by British laws and if they are no use we get the chance to dump the law makers every five years. We are as a manufacturing country capable of holding our own and we have some of the best engineers in the world. So let's leave the EU and show all the doubters there is a GREAT Britain.
IN for stability and established free trade with EU. Nobody knows what deal we would get outside and why should it be any better than what we already have? Everyone talks about money going to EU. No-one has produced figures for what we get back. How many people with British passports work in EU, probably in better paid jobs than the EU migrants who do the low paid jobs in UK. Yes reform of the bureaucracy and more efficiency in Brussels but that's not a reason to give up the free trade and grants we benefit from. The world is becoming global and it's not a good time to cut ourselves off in isolation. The problems of mass immigration are not caused by EU but by the problems that make desperate attempts to get to the EU attractive. Leaving will not fix immigration
Out - The EU would work if we could vote for (or against) policies of the various parties. But having laws and rules dictated to us by unaccountable, probably self serving people, goes against everything that is democratic - and we pay through the nose for the privilege! Even if industry does take a knock, it will bounce back. We will not be at war with France next week and our security will not be compromised, it may even be better. Please can I have my country back.
OUT - For two reasons: My view of the bigger picture is that attitudes are too dissimilar across Europe to create any meaningful consensus between north and south, east and west. From a more local perspective, yes Europe is ploughing money into UK business, but despite being a small, machinery manufacturer exporting worldwide (which surely goes well with rebalancing our industry) we don't seem to be ticking any of their boxes. If we get out there's a (small) chance our government would spend this money supporting what UK (rather than EU) industry needs.
OUT- The alternative is to give away our Kingdom and become a District Council
IN - Brexit, leave, stay, who cares about this, (no more baning on about Europe) Tory red herring. Classic Tory diversion as the economy, (safe in their hands, the party of business) guides the UK economy on to the rock of depression. Of course it wont be their fault, as they no longer understand the truth, or what the majority of us call responsibility. There is only one safe course of action, and that is to get rid of all future Tory governments, and let the hard working public take control over their futures. You may not like Labour or Corbin, but at least they are not wreaking the UK from which all the Tory Government politicians can escape with their unpaid taxes to other British dependencies, (many of which we also need to cut off). I have spent 45 years contributing to our society through Engineering. What have any of these career politicians done for our society, what are they good for ? dismissal .......... VOTE TO STAY IN ........... and give UK MANUFACTURING A HALF CHANCE OF SURVIAL. It's clear now that the Tories think digital is the new Financial money maker. ... how can they be so wrong ? P Baker.
Acceptance of Directives from the EU has been extraordinarily expensive for smaller UK steel fabricators who have had to conform to the CE Marking Directive with either minimal or no help from National Governments. Our Fishing Industry would thrive from Brexit as would our Oil and Steel Industries both of which are suffering through lack of import controls in the EU body. The failure of the EU to control their external borders and their acceptance of immigrants without any documentation is not only dangerous, is foolhardy and indeed very costly to those who live within the EU borders. Border controls need to be strongly re-imposed and it seems that as the EU cannot function in this area then Brexit is the only real safe solution.
IN - It's a difficult decision but I trust this right-wing Tory government less than I trust the EU. Basically, we have very little democracy anyway (I live in true-blue SE England) - my vote doesn't count. Open borders and free movement won't change either way. We will still have to obey all the EU regulations without any say if we want to trade with Europe (just like China does now). The fact is, all the recent workers rights, environmental controls and standards of manufacturing have come from the EU. Vote leave and watch Cameron roll over and accept TTIP.
IN - I am one of the significant minority making use of my rights as an EU citizen to free movement by living and working in mainland Europe, so I have a personal interest in the result. In the worst case my family and I will lose our rights overnight and enter an undefined limbo while the UK government (then led by whom?) tries to negotiate a new accommodation with its ex-partners. Who frankly have other things to worry about.
IN - the SNP have already indicated that there would be another Scottish independence referendum if we leave, so we would probably lose Scotland. We will probably have to accept most of the controls the EU already imposes in order to trade with the EU, just have no say in them if we leave - look at Norway. There would be around 5 years of uncertainty in trade and investment with the UK already teetering on the brink of recession. In short plenty to lose, very little to gain, why take the risk? Pretty much anyone outside the UK with any sense is saying "don't do it".
IN - it isn't perfect, but we are not ruled by Germany, we are part of the team that makes the rules. If we leave we will have no influence on the rules, but UK manufacturing companies will still have to abide by EU Directives if we are to sell anything there. Despite popular opinion, the UK is still good at making and exporting stuff, and many business will suffer if the barriers go back up.
IN - Although we put more money into Europe we get a lot out in trade etc. Exiting will not reduce red tape since we will have more country specific requirements to satisfy. Finally as Northern Ireland has a land border with Europe it would be a disaster for us to leave.
IN - How can people seriously be thinking about a Brexit? We'll be worse of, Europe will be worse of, we risk peace in the region, have no seat at the table in the future, risk losing the sciences - what message does this send to the world about Europe and the UK. The world is so intertwined now, we will never be independent. A vote for Brexit is a vote for madness!
OUT - UK engineers are held back and held down by the arrogance of Germany, which runs the EU as a self serving body... better out to make our own way in the world. The experiment has not worked!
IN - the EU is not perfect but it does so much for the sciences and human rights. The EU is light years ahead of the rest of the world on these things and is a force for good on the planet. People view the EU as balanced, educated and affluent. It is a something that China, Russia and the US can all learn from. Come on people, see big picture!
OUT - the thing that troubles me is that who are these people in Brussels? It goes against democracy in my view when you have a bunch of people behind closed doors that are not voted for, and that do not have the countries best intentions at heart, or even Europe's. If Europe came together and took strong effective action on the migrant crisis, or was able to sort out Greece's woes I might think differently. Unfortunately they are still meandering about doing goodness knows what. It's an ineffective institution that the UK is best getting out of!
OUT - I'm fed up with the rigmarole, red tape and overly zealous hoop jumping needed to export to the continent. It might not carry a trade tariff, but the amount we invest to meet silly box ticking requirements is probably just as much! The thing people don't realise is that at the moment the EU needs us more than we need it. The UK has always been the link between the EU and the US - so let's send a strong message that says you need to get over the bureaucracy Europe!

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