Adding Additive Value

Back in 2006, additive manufacturing was something that sounded interesting, but had little impact on most engineers’ daiily lives. Indeed, where it wasn’t greeted with cautious, but academic interest, it was sometimes greeted with scorn and dismissed as a gimmick.

Skip forward 16 years and additive manufacturing is a mainstream process. While not everyone may use it, they’ve all heard about it and its use now has to be factored into many designs.
One event that can justifiably claim to have foreseen this rise is the Additive International Summit, which was founded back in 2006 to explore the very latest advances in the technology and their potential and actual application in the real world.
This heritage and depth of expertise is just one of the reasons I am so excited that we at Eureka! and our colleagues within MA Business are now partnered with Added Scientific to produce this event.
Additive International (formerly known as the International Conference on Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing), is a two-day event bringing together academic and industry experts to share their knowledge and ideas. The summit attracts over 250 delegates from more than 170 institutions, with interests in all the newest technological developments for the AM industry.
Taking place at the Albert Hall, Nottingham on 13-14 July, this year’s conference includes speakers from Deutsche Bahn, the University of Texas and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, who will be covering subjects as diverse as 3D printing with elastomers to applications in corrective orthodontics.
Supplementing the conference programme is an exhibition featuring leading suppliers to the additive manufacturing sector. Stand-holders will be on hand to demonstrate how their products and services can help deliver on the potential of this exciting and ground-breaking area of technology.
The growth of additive manufacturing and its increased importance in the engineering sphere means that knowing more about it is a must. For that reason, I urge you to visit to find out more.