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The new range of low-cost torque sensors from Kistler extends the company's product range by offering contactless sensors for assembly and quality control applications in production and the laboratory.

Well known for high precision torque sensors, widely used in research laboratories and design and development departments, Kistler Instruments has introduced a new range of contactless torque sensors specifically for industrial, manufacturing, testing and QA applications. Available in ten ranges from 1Nm to 1,000Nm the Type 4520A brings the reliability, maintenance free and long life qualities of contactless torque sensors to price conscious markets. At under £1,500, the new range of sensors offer excellent value when compared to alternative slip-ring designs and has the benefit of integral speed measurement.

For more demanding applications, Kistler also manufacture an extensive range of high precision piezoelectric and strain gauge torque sensors ranging from miniature types to measure torques from 0.001 Nm to large sensors for use up to 20,000 Nm for applications in virtually every sector.

Test-rig Applications Robust, high-precision torque sensors are required for test-rig applications for engine, gearbox and drive-line testing as well as pumps and electric motors. The torque flange Type 4504A provides a very compact flange-to-flange design which is available with accuracy class 0.05%. For smaller torques and extreme speeds, the integral shaft mounted sensor Type 4503A is used for numerous aspects of research into drive technology.

Product Testing and Quality Assurance Quality assurance testing of products from rotary switches to critical flight control system components is essential to ensure in specification performance. The Type 4503A torque sensor CoMo torque system combination is used by Liebherr-Aerospace to test differential, flap actuator gearboxes supplied to major aerospace manufacturers.

Manufacturing Kistler torque sensors are integrated into many bolting and assembly solutions to ensure that the appropriate torque is applied in production. They are also used for quality assurance purposes in production and in the laboratory.

Kistler Instruments is a world leader in the development and manufacture of sensors and systems for monitoring pressure, force, acceleration and torque using piezoelectric and strain gauge technology.