igus drylin E…..there has never been a better choice for drive technology

By expanding the drylin E linear drive systems range, igus makes life easier for design engineers. The aim of the modular drylin E product range is to provide engineers with a complete system which is easy to configure, and ready to install upon delivery, and all from one place, igus. These systems can be delivered in as little as 2 - 3 weeks, thus, reducing time, effort and cost.

The complete system consists of a drylin driven module that slides on lubricant- and maintenance-free polymer bearing liners. This tribo-optimised material has excellent wear and friction values and ensures smooth and silent motion. Depending on the application the linear systems can be driven by a lead screw or toothed belt. Also available are Stepper motors and DC motors with various options, such as encoder, brake and limit switches. Installation areas with awkward or limited space can be solved by the special mounting plates, allowing side mounting of the motor Also, drylin E drive systems for gantries have been designed specifically for this area. Reduction grearboxes for increased torque on stepper motors are also available. Standard sizes of NEMA 11, 17, 23, 23XL and 34 are available. Design possibilities for electrically driven linear systems are endless with the options igus can offer. Further more; selecting the right system is easier than ever with drylin E product finder and lifetime calculator. After specifying the application parameters, the online tool provides an overview of suitable linear tables and motors. The price is also calculated along with the motor loads and service life expectancy. For further information on drylin E products contact Adam Sanjurgo on 01604 677240, or email: asanjurgo@igus.co.uk