igus DryLin E linear drives fully-assembled with NEMA motor - Lubricant-free linear drive system is compact, light and quiet

Linear drive expert igus UK is now supplying DryLin E actuators with polymer bearings complete with a NEMA certified motor. The compact, light and quiet system is available ex-stock, individually configured to the required length.

Engineers have been using DryLin modules for many years now, fitting their own motors to drive the units. With the new DryLin E module from igus, the unit can be bought in as a complete item, ready to fit. By building up the unit using standard igus parts, the delivery lead time is extremely fast, a typical system can be delivered in 3 to 5 days. "Until this point, the main focus of the igus linear drive product range has been on manual operation for format adjustments," comments Matthew Aldridge of igus UK. "Now, we have expanded our low-price, quick-delivery complete solutions by adding a NEMA motor to our ready-to-fit linear units. Stepper motors complement igus' DryLin linear drives perfectly, due to their outstanding cost-effectiveness, precision and simple operation." Initially the igus motor range covers NEMA17 and NEMA23 stepper motors and is optionally available with encoder and/or brake. The motor units work reliably in a wide range of different environmental conditions (depending on the protection class chosen) and the NEMA standard guarantees global availability. Matthew Aldridge further explains: "The company sets great store by the fact that the drive units for lubricant-free linear movements have been designed in such a way that they can also be driven by stepper motors made by other manufacturers. To achieve this, igus offers customers who already have a motor a 'quick-fit' aluminium spacer and motor flange connection to fit the NEMA motor. The igus DryLin E SAW-0630 linear axis is ideal for simple lubricant-free format adjustments, feed movements and the handling of lightweight components. It is, via a trapezoidal or high-helix thread leadscrew, available in numerous pitches from 1.5 mm to 15 mm (design size 1040 up to 50 mm). The leadscrew nuts are made of iglidur high-performance polymers optimised for lubricant-free operation over the entire stroke length. Almost all the components used for the ready-to-fit linear unit are made of plastic and aluminium, which means the system is extremely light. The linear guide itself is based on the igus DryLin W system, which is virtually maintenance-free, and has been in use successfully for many years. It comprises a bearing housing and tribologically optimised polymer gliding film for excellent friction and wear values.