New catalogue offers complete guide to ABB motion control

The ABB motion control catalogue offers a comprehensive guide to ABB's fully integrated range of motion control products and solutions.

It is a useful source for machine builders, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators looking to bring together components to form a motion control solution. The catalogue covers motion control drives, machinery drives, micro drives, PLCs, HMIs and software, all of which can be seamlessly integrated to achieve a system with exceptional performance, efficiency and reliability. Central to the catalogue is ABB's offering of motion control solutions and products, which can be used for a wide variety of machine control applications in many industries. The catalogue provides details of intelligent programmable drives, plug-in controllers for drives, real-time Ethernet controllers, PLCs systems and analogue and stepper based control products. The section on motion control drives gives complete details of their features and benefits and control methods, as well as any specialised applications they are suitable for and a complete list of available options. Also highlighted are a wide range of ABB's machinery drives, micro drives and general purpose drives for pumps and fans. Whatever the industry, from printing, to food and beverage, and in whatever application from level control to solar trackers, treadmills and whirlpool baths, ABB has the drive to suit. ABB motion controllers include both analogue and Ethernet products, while the MINT Machine Module transforms ABB Motiflex e100 drives into powerful intelligent drive systems. The AC500 range of PLCs is also detailed, showing how this versatile and highly scalable range can support most industry standard communications protocols, making it an ideal choice for multi-protocol and multi-domain environments. Versions for extreme environments are also offered. With a common CoDeSys-based programming language, the entire AC500 range is easy to program. The catalogue also shows how the AC500 PLC can be combined with the Pluto Manager safety controller to form the basis of safety critical control circuits. Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are a vital component of any motion control solution and the catalogue gives full details of ABB's CP600 series HMI, comparing the features of each unit in the range, from entry level to high end versions. All offer easy creation of graphics, low development costs, easy integration with PLCs and fast commissioning. A comprehensive set of software tools help tie the overall solution together, offering a user-friendly way to select, commission and use AC drives. Components such as DIN rails, terminals, switches and power supplies also from part of the ABB motion control offer. By bringing all these components and products together as part of a fully compatible system, ABB ensures that the systems integrator and OEM have the pieces in place to build a complete, compatible motion control solution that works for their customers. Click here for more stories and news on the ABB channel.