Video of the week – igus linear actuator speeds up pick & place processes by 30%

Speeds of up to 1 m per second

Linear drive specialist igus has developed a new type of linear actuator, drylin GRW-0630, which is ideal for use in highly dynamic linear applications with low loads, particularly found in the pick & place sector.

The motor is integrated into the carriage, rather than the end block, in this new linear drive system. As a result, the carriage and motor are static, allowing the rail to move vertically up and down extremely quickly – up to one metre per second! Instead of power being transmitted via a traditional toothed belt drive, drylin GRW-0630 has been designed with a lightweight plastic rack that eliminates deflection and pretension, and allows for smooth strokes up to 150mm based on loads up to one kilogram. The profile material of drylin GRW-0630 is aluminium, so combined with the plastic drive rack makes for a very lightweight complete system. drylin GRW-0630 is a modular system complete with adaptor plates and connecting angle accessories that can be fitted with additional two or three linear gantries. As with all igus linear drives, it is completely lubrication free, dirt and dust repellent, and provides a reliable service over a long life. Furthermore, because the product is made mainly from plastic and aluminium, is a very cost effective solution. A short video demonstrating the new linear actuator can be viewed at: For more information on this and any other igus products, please contact igus UK on 01604 677240. For regular updates, follow us on, watch our videos at and connect with us at