Angular and linear sensors from ZF Switches & Sensors

ZF Switches & Sensors has released its latest generation of linear and angular position sensors, claimed to provide users with improved levels of efficiency. Based on a modular system, the sensor is available as an ANG-version for angular position measurements or as a LIN-version for linear position measurements.

Typical applications for the sensors include hydraulic valves, hydraulic controls, electric drives, pneumatic controls, gear selection/shifting position, ride height and level position detection, throttle valve and pedal position and steering wheel position and may also be used as a zero-contact encoder alternative.

Both sensor types offer 12bit resolution, IP68 protection ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments and they comply with industrial and automotive EMC/EMI directives. Both sensors are RoHS Compliant and suitable for wide air gap applications.

The LIN-series can measure a range of up to 45mm, while the ANG series provide a programmable measuring range from 0 to 360°. Both sensors are also said to provide an overall accuracy of ±2% full scale and a linearity of the output signal with ±1% full scale.

The compact size of the ANG- and LIN-series requires less mounting space than other sensors with a similar performance and the flat design, mounting height of 6.5mm helps to simplify design of both linear and angular position sensing.