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Endless possibilities for motor programming

With the facelift of the nexofox MotionCode programming environment, programming smart motors is now even easier than before and realising decentralised automation architectures is possible without any limits.

Focusing on decentralisation, modularity, and flexibility, Dunkermotoren, an AMETEK brand, is constantly developing its solutions in the field of drive technology. In 2021, their IIoT brand nexofox published its MotionCode programming environment. This offers customers software features that go far beyond the motor hardware and enable the implementation of decentralised and modular automation architectures.

With the latest facelift, the focus was completely set on the MotionCode user. "The aim was to make the implementation of new MotionCode projects as simple as possible," explains Markus Weishaar, Director IIoT & Services at Dunkermotoren. "Our customers now have a much simpler and more intuitive user interface at their disposal," says Weishaar.

This means that basic functions are even more deeply integrated and can be executed quick and easy. The download to the motor, for example, can be carried out directly from the development environment and without the use of additional tools, as the software directly recognises connected drives.

Additionally, completely new functions such as debugging have been integrated with the facelift. This makes it possible to carry out comprehensive error correction in the source code from the development environment, thereby significantly simplifying and accelerating development.

In future versions, it should also be possible to program several motors directly in a single project instead of having to create a separate MotionCode for each motor. As usual, the current MotionCode environment is available as a free download on the Dunkermotoren website. Get started and unleash the power of MotionCode.