Simplified programming increases productivity

Yaskawa has integrated POWERLINK into its DX200 robot controller, making it possible to incorporate Motoman robots into machine automation systems. This is claimed to simplify the programming of robots for machine manufacturers.

Not only has Yaskawa created an interface to POWERLINK, with Motoman Sync it also offers the possibility of programming robots in accordance with IEC 61131.Advantages include reduced commissioning times and better clock accuracy.

Integration in a POWERLINK network results in additional benefits such as increased productivity. In addition, machines or plants can be designed more flexibly. A separate operator terminal for robots is not needed since all data required for operation and diagnostics can be displayed and modified on the machine's main terminal.

The DX200 is a high-performance robot controller for Yaskawa Motoman robots. It enables synchronous control of up to eight robots or 72 axes and is equipped with a built-in safety controller in accordance with PL d / Cat. 3 for up to 32 user-defined safety areas and up to 16 different tools.