igus launches linear drive modules for extreme conditions

Linear motion specialist igus UK has introduced ready to install combinations of motor and linear units for use under water or in a vacuum.

The drylin ZLW toothed belt drive module, with variable stroke length, is particularly well suited to positioning small loads. The ZLW-1040-UW, meanwhile, has been specially developed for use under water and incorporates a PU toothed belt. igus offers this complete with a two phase hybrid underwater stepper motor (NEMA 23) that can be operated at depths of up to 10m and features IP68 protection. Special lacquering protects the motor against corrosion and is guaranteed watertight for up to 1bar; the permissible motor surface temperature ranges from -30 to 80°C. In addition to underwater operation, the drive units are well suited in applications that require regular cleaning with water, such as those found in the food and beverage industry. For more hygienic applications, the ZLW toothed belt drive can be replaced with the igus SLW-ESJ-1040 leadscrew linear unit, which is made of stainless steel.