Long-lasting leadscrew drives

Dryspin is the leadscrew drive technology developed by Igus that enables engineers to achieve higher efficiency, quieter operation and longer lifetime offered by the Drylin leadscrew. Typical applications for the new drive technology include automotive manufacturing, packaging and handling equipment.

"Amongst the most innovative features of the Drylin leadscrew drive is its optimised thread angle for longer life and enhanced efficiency," Robert Dumayne, director of Igus, said. "The Dryspin technology employs obtuse thread angles instead of the acute angles found in standard symmetrical leadscrew drives – the result being less transverse force. In addition, the optimised radius thread design helps reduce the transmission of vibrations that can cause noise."

When supplied with a leadscrew nut made of Iglidur J, the Dryspin drives are self-lubricating and maintenance free, as well as being light-weight and resistant to dirt, chemicals and humidity. By eliminating lubricants, the Drylin leadscrews are suitable for applications in hygienic environments, such as laboratory automation and medical equipment. The leadscrew nuts are also available in Iglidur A180, which conforms to guidelines for use in the food and drinks industry.