Rugged rolled bearings offer high load capacity and long life

Bowman International has launched the BowMet range of rolled bearings that are claimed to offer a higher load capacity and longer life than comparable bearings, together with heat, speed and corrosion capabilities.

With a static load of 820N/mm2 and a PV value of 9.6MPa x m/s, BowMet is suited to a range of harsh industrial applications, including mining and quarrying, heavy construction, motorsport, offshore oil and gas, materials handling and marine. It is also said to have the ability to withstand corrosion such as hydrogen embrittlement and chloride stress corrosion cracking, particularly when compared with traditional copper-based alloys.

In addition, the rolling process is said to ensure virtually no wastage and flexibility with no minimum quantity. The bearings are available as plain or flanged in a variety of standard wall thicknesses from 0.75 to 3mm or above and are also available in imperial sizes. The range can also be customised to include lubrication grooves, location slots, tabs, holes and pockets, while special and one-off runs can also be produced with minimal or no tooling costs.