How to connect 55m power cables from ship to shore

In this week’s video, we see the shore power e-spool system undergoing rigorous testing at the igus laboratory. As you will see the motorised cable reel with electric drive winds and unwinds up to four cables or hoses (power, data, air or media) and testing has been completed for 17,000 cycles. It can be installed on the vessel or terminal and supplies power while at berth. Assuming one ship to shore connection per day, the predicted lifetime of the system is 47 years.

The rotary motion of the e-spool is achieved with a twisterchain module instead of using a slip ring to allow a continuous cable run throughout the system. This module will accommodate up to 10 turns of the cable reel, while allowing cables to run uninterrupted from the cabinet to a certified junction box inside the e-spool. And, because there is no slip ring, the shore power e-spool system will not malfunction due to slip ring wear or corrosion.

The system is preferably installed in a container to withstand demanding weather conditions, vibration and the general working environment. This version is available with cable runs of 35 m or 55m. However, a free-standing system is also available that can accommodate longer runs. The system is suitable for use in high or low voltage shore power connections (6.6 kV ... 11 kV (50 Hz ... 60 Hz), according to the requirements of ISO 80005-3/80005-1 respectively. It is also available with DNV-GL certification.