Design, Online: Keyence - Improve Test and Development through 3D Microscopy

Wednesday 28th October 2020 – 11:30am (GMT)

Claire Lillywhite, Senior Applications Engineer (Microscope Division), Keyence UK

This webinar is part of the latest Eureka! event: 'Design, Online', a series of three webinars hosted by leading technology companies.

We will discuss the applications of 3D microscopy in R&D, quality control, defect/damage analysis, incoming inspection and many more areas across a wide variety of sectors. We will navigate common challenges found in traditional microscopy and the benefits digital technology has over conventional microscopes.

Our Microscopy Applications Engineer, Claire Lillywhite, will also take you through some of the techniques used in 3D microscopy and illustrate the benefits (including enhanced depth of field), through live-action demonstrations on real life samples

Join us to learn:

  • Digital vs. Conventional Microscopy, see the technological advancements in imaging and analytical microscopy
  • Flexible sample viewing with a fully focused image
  • How to create 3D models with 3D depth composition and stitching
  • How to view the true shape of a sample and perform 3D measurements
  • How to highlight surface texture with (a World-First feature) Optical Shadow Effect Mode