Design, Online: Protolabs - Accelerating Medical Device Development with Digital Manufacturing

Wednesday 28th October 2020 – 2:00pm (GMT)

Tasos Pantelis, Applications Engineer & Additive Manufacturing Champion, Protolabs

This webinar is part of the latest Eureka! event: 'Design, Online', a series of three webinars hosted by leading technology companies.

The world's leading medical device development companies turn to Protolabs to unlock the benefits of the digital manufacturing model. Digital manufacturing accelerates development and market introduction through rapid prototyping, bridge tooling, and low-volume production.

In this webinar we will look at why Medical Device Development companies are increasingly turning to digital manufacturing, and we’ll share some of our specialist insider knowledge.

We will also include case studies on the Parker Hannifin Robotic Exoskeleton and the Novax DMA, to see real life examples of digital manufacturing and medical working together.

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Join us to learn:

  • How to get your parts to market faster and accelerate product development
  • How to streamline your supply chain
  • Which rapid manufacturing processes are best for medical applications
  • How digital manufacturing has been used in real-life case studies