Design, Online: Southco – Introducing MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE BY SOUTHCO™ products: Improving Application Security and End-User Safety through Access Hardware with Visual Indication

August 26th 2020 – 10.00AM BST
Southco Manufacturing Ltd.
David Kelly, Technical Support Manager Europe
This webinar is part of the latest Eureka! event: 'Design, Online', a series of five webinars hosted by leading technology companies across two days.

In an ever demanding industrial culture where any kind of machinery, vehicle or piece of instrumentation is expected to continuously run faster and more efficiently, yet provide the highest degree of application security, operator safety and end-user protection, manufacturers designing and supplying equipment and components are increasingly challenged to offer products that alleviate any safety and security concerns. This presentation will illustrate the significance of the mindful choice of access hardware early in the design process of a piece of equipment to enhance its safe and secure function and operation. Specifically, it will address the hazards around failing to control correct panel closure and will introduce the MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE BY SOUTHCO™ products that provide visual indication of the open/close status of an enclosure panel, lid or door.

Using several case studies from a broad range of industries, including railway, power conversion, data centres, industrial machinery and construction, mechanical as well as electromechanical access hardware products will be showcased that demonstrate how the correct choice of locks and latches supports overall application security and end-user safety and at the same time contributes to operator efficiency and cost reduction, safeguarding the function and operation through error proof maintenance processes.

Join us to learn:

  • The selection of access hardware should be included in the early stages of an application’s design process.
  • The choice of access hardware should be guided by the specific needs of the industry the application is developed for.
  • The choice of access hardware can be the key differentiator in an application and form a powerful competitive advantage.
  • Choosing access hardware that supports an application’s overall security and safety will generate cost savings.
  • The MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE BY SOUTHCO™ products offer a versatile portfolio of proven and reliable mechanical and electromechanical solutions with visual indication of the open/close status