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Two drives in one: igus launches dual drive stepper motor

New stepper motor for drylin linear axes provides space-saving and cost-effective dual drive

To help customers get started with automation, especially where space is limited, igus has developed a new dual drive stepper motor for its drylin linear technology. It can be used to drive two linear systems directly, which also saves space. Another potential option could be a handwheel on the second drive shaft, meaning that the motor can also be rotated manually in an emergency, thus also allowing for manual adjustment.

Where precision and controlled movements are required in drive technology, the stepper motor is the tool of choice with high precision – particularly important for applications in automation technology, at transfer stations and format changeovers.

Drive technology and polymer specialist igus has now developed a dual drive stepper motor for its drylin linear axes, that excels for its versatility and performance. The twin-shaft stepper motor has two output shafts. "This design offers greater flexibility in the connection and drive of mechanical components," explains Rob Dumayne, dry-tech director at igus UK. "With one motor, we can now drive two mechanical loads, such as two linear axes running in parallel." This configuration not only saves space but also cuts costs – the motor is the same price as a single-stepper motor.

One motor, three functions

In contrast to conventional double-axis drives, where the motor is installed on the side and can cause spatial problems, the twin-shaft stepper motor sits between the shafts and so makes use of the available space. Another advantage of this stepper motor is the possibility of mounting a handwheel at the second end of the shaft, meaning that the motor can be turned by hand if there is a power outage. It also allows the user to manually adjust the zero point of a linear axis. In addition, in the event of a power failure, a self-locking spindle axis can be adjusted manually by turning the handwheel, which is particularly important in areas such as entrances or doors.

In addition to stepper motors, igus offers EC/BLDC and DC motors in its online shop starting from just £33. The matching igus motor power amplifiers, called "dryve", are available from less than £60. High performance controllers with BUS connection and integrated web server are also available.